Digital Marketing

With your target audience glued to  social media via smart focus, there is an immense need to strategize your marketing approach.

Our Digital marketing are industry specialists having the perfect combination of technical expertise and domain knowledge.

We support you in managing your leads funnel right from Awareness, interest creation and finally the leads generation through our DigiSky® Offerings. Make an enquiry to know more

Content Management

Content is king is being the norm for long. Now the critical aspect putting the right content to right audience at the right time matters. Yes, Timing matters!

Our dedicated DCM (Digital content management) offering comprises of  digital content creation blended with digital design, coupled with SEO for better visibility and traction for your digital presence.

Our uniqueness comes from domain expertise, ranging across service sectors from Education, retail, Real estate, telecom and up until healthcare. Content being the main fulcrum, we leverage our domain knowledge in building our client’s digital presence with precise info on services rendered and more so, gaining traction via continuous content engagement;

Web enabler

Your online presence is very critical irrespective of your business type- Retail or B2B. Website are multi-facets, drives your traffic that converts into leads/opportunities,  creates brand awareness, becomes your foundation for digital campaigns and many more.

But the critical factor here is content and design. Unless we showcase what we serve and what makes us unique and to who its served, websites doesn’t serve the purpose. With Matrix Digital, you leverage our support and enable your digital journey the best and most fruitful ever!! Make a quick inquiry to know more on our UI offerings from the exclusive Design and web specialists.

PR Services

As we are progressing more towards into digital world, the need for digital branding and Public relations are vital more than ever.

Matrix’s unique offerings in this space is PR DRiVer (PR DRV┬«) which spans across customer engagement and brand awareness via targeted tools like Vlog/Blog reinforcements , influencer engagement and Digi exploration assist. We offer Brand enhancer, PR services across digital platforms through our dedicated PR analyst team

Functional testing

Need a helping hand in testing the functionality of your app or web service? You are in right place;
We offer functional testing across domains with unwavering focus on customer experience;
Our offerings are Safe(r) scaled agile baselined with incremental perform