How Covid-19 is Impacting the Mobile Marketing

If everyone could turn back the time then the Year 2020 will be a breathtaking time ever. With global growing companies, industries, and economies experiences a sudden halt in growth due to pandemic covid-19 and no one knows when there is end for Covid-19. Worldwide economy growth gradually stopped having impact in mobile marketing, advertising and many other genre.

Big companies are not spending on advertising and waiting the Covid-19 to disappear. Some few business are into food, clothes and another commercial stuffs are running ads and doing branding considering this time would be best for them to showcase with less competition in the market. The pandemic shown worse portion to few business and shown the growing path to others. Business like virtual meeting, Cloud system, and web hosting businesses is growing at a peak in pandemic. Other activities like streaming videos on youtube, OTT series, gaming, online shopping has shown a major growth in pandemic making the advertiser to move from billboard to virtual online ads as it is not required to come out and sit at home and do the ads online. As per the BARC data, the online viewers in India grew by 57% and advertising on news grew by 21%.

Every business person is hoping for the covid-19 to get disappear to reopen their business in the market. Hopefully, we’ll see the business blooming in coming days. Market is not shut for all the business except few which got hit in this pandemic. Every challenges brings a good opportunity so we believe this covid-19 challenge will bring a good growth once it finishes. The coming year may come with new stuffs for new needs. Mobile campaign is increasing slowly as the usage of mobile shown an ascending growth among youths and elderly people. All business expecting good ROI once the covid-19 starts receding.

The education system has been stopped in this lockdown from march to may then slowly its taking up is gear and bringing the student online for lecture. Parents are realizing the importance of separate smart phone to their children for learning purpose. There is a 4% growth in smartphone sale till May, 2020. Expecting the same in buying personal PC as everyone is doing work from home and planining for office set up at home itself.

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